Quick-step underlays. Why?


Quick-step underlays. Why?

Laminate floors are always installed floating and an underlay must be used. Underlays can have various technical characteristics which may or may not be needed for the room in which the laminate floor is going to be installed. The following characteristics have to be considered:

  • An underlay can provide protection against rising dampness (DPM = damp proof membrane)
  • An underlay can level out minor unevennesses in the sub-floor. Therefore, it has to be compressible, but not too much. Otherwise, it can damage the Laminate flooring connection.
  • Sound insulation both for the room below and for the room where the floor is installed.
  • Thermal insulation. This may be required, for example above unheated areas (e.g. a garage) or may not be needed, for example above underfloor heating.
  • Finally, an underlay provides more walking comfort and better shock absorbing properties.

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