Can Quick-Step timber flooring be installed on top of an existing floor?


Can Quick-Step timber flooring be installed on top of an existing floor?

Yes, this is possible. The exact installation method depends on which floor you want to install your parquet and which installation method you’re choosing.

In the case of gluing, the existing floor covering must be entirely removed. For floating floors, remove any damp-open floor covering (carpet, needle felt, etc) first. There is no need to remove existing damp-proof floor covering (PVC, Linoleum, etc). Always use an underlay. We recommend the use of a Quick-Step underlay.

In case of installation on a wooden subfloor,  please remove any existing floor covering first. No signs of mould and/or insect infestations should be present. Make sure the subfloor is level. Nail down any loose parts. If your plank floor is on the ground level, lay a plastic foil first. Apply a levelling floor on top of this. For a perfect subfloor preparation, it is recommended to lay a Quick-Step underlay on top to level any unevenness between the planks. Install the new floor at ninety degrees to the existing subfloor. The crawl space under the plank floor must be sufficiently ventilated. Remove any obstacles and make sure there is sufficient ventilation (minimum 4 cm2 total ventilation openings per m2 of floor). The moisture content of the wood must not exceed 10%.

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