How to clean your timber floor

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How to clean your timber floor

We recommend cleaning your timber floor dry with the Quick-Step microfiber mop. Once in a while, you can also use a slightly damp mop. Cleaning too often or too wet is unnecessary. In some cases, it could even permanently damage your floor.

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If you wish to clean with a slightly moist mop, please follow these instructions:

  1. Dilute 1 cap of Quick-Step cleaning product in a 5-litre bucket of water;
  2. Soak the Quick-Step cleaning mop in this solution;
  3. Wring out well;
  4. Make sure the mop is only slightly moist before cleaning the floor;
  5. Always move the Quick-Step cleaning mop backwards towards you and make a zigzag movement across the floor;
  6. Wipe the whole floor without lifting the microfiber tissue;
  7. Wipe in the lengthways direction of the panels;
  8. Spread the solution evenly across the whole floor;
  9. Never pour the bucket of solution across the floor;
  10. Always wipe dry with a microfiber cloth until no more moisture is visible on the floor.

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