Can I install vinyl on walls?


Can I install vinyl on walls?

LVT is a product especially fabricated for flooring solutions. All these planks are profoundly tested in our factory for this kind of placement. For each other kind of installation we do not have test results.

If you choose for an installation on walls we advise to use an a suitable adhesive, for instance: our glue “ONE4ALL”.
You should absolutely diffuse the glue on the whole plank to avoid blistering. (Vinyl is a flexible product).
The substrate must be: dry, dust-proof and porous (to get adhesion). Also be stable and firm.

For all other adhesives you will have to consult your adhesive supplier.

Mass off Vinyl:
For 4,5 mm thickness with click: +/- 7,6 Kg/m²
For 2,5 mm thickness without click: +/- 4,2 Kg/m²

Our choice would go to the “glue down” version because he has no click system and a less important weight to hang on the wall.

Our guarantees do not cover installation on walls.



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