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Skirtings for laminate Quick-Step


Laminate skirting boards: for a perfect finish

By adding skirting boards, you will finish your flooring project in style. Within our range of skirting boards, we offer perfectly colour matching skirting boards or paintable ones. All skirtings are easy-to-install and scratch-resistant to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Discover all our skirtings

Colour-matched skirtings

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    • QSSCOT(-)
    • This scotia is a discrete skirting that perfectly matches the colour of your floor. A scotia can also come in handy as a finish in combination with existing skirtings. It is easy to install with One4All Glue. For a watertight finish you can combine it with the Foamstrip, Hydrokit and Hydrostrip. This scotia is also available in a white, paintable version (QSSCOTPAINT).

Waterproof white and paintable skirtings

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    Flexible Paintable Skirting

    • Paintable Waterproof Flexible Skirting
    • This flexible waterproof skirting is ideal to finish off curved walls or pillars. You can paint it any colour or simply leave it white. For a watertight finish, we suggest you combine it with the Foamstrip and the Hydrokit. The skirting is easy to install with contact glue.

Discover our tools for a watertight finish

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    • When you fill up expansion joints with the Foamstrip, this transparent silicone adds a watertight finish to your floor. This is necessary to take advantage of our water resistance warranty. On average you need one tube for 15 metres.
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    Hydrostrip for Scotia and Parquet Skirting 14x77

    • This is a transparent strip on a roll for a watertight finish of your scotia and parquet skirtings. It's easier and less messy than silicone, leaving you with a neat and uniform result.
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    Expansion Joint Foam Strip

    • Foamstrip
    • This Foamstrip fills up expansion joints. You have to combine it with the Hydrokit/Aqua Sealant for a watertight finish of your floor. If you want to ensure your flooring wet warranty, the watertight finish is the way to go.

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