Saw cut oak grey

Laminate - Impressive Ultra | IMU1858

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Length 1380 mm
Width 190 mm
Height 12 mm
m²/pack 1.311
Planks/pack 5

Technical information

Installation method Click
Click system Uniclic
Number of grooves 4 grooves
Type of grooves Genuine bevel
Floor Heating Compatible
Waterproof surface technology Hydroseal
Warranty 25 years warranty
Color Light grey
Pattern 1 strip
Wood species Oak
Gloss level Silk matt, Semi matt
Usage class Class 33

Scratch Guard

Quick-Step floors with Scratch Guard technology are up to ten times more scratch-resistant than floors without Scratch Guard.

Waterproof surface

Say goodbye to moisture problems by choosing for a water resistant Quick-Step floor. These floors don't just look exceptionally stylish and natural, they are also 100% resistant to surface moisture, which makes cleaning easier than ever!


Quick-Step is the inventor of the Uniclic installation system, today the standard click-to-install system. Use the revolutionary and patented click system to effortlessly click your floor planks together.

Matching accessories

Quick-Step is much more than just floors. For every floor we offer, you can find a full collection of accessories, including underlays, finishing profiles and skirting boards that perfectly match the colour of your floor.

Compliant with EU Ecolabel

An eco-friendly choice

Quick-Step laminate floors have received the EU Ecolabel. It means that all our laminate floors are made from at least 80% sustainably sourced wood, avoid hazardous substances in their composition, and are produced in power efficient factories. In addition Quick-Step laminate floors have a very long lifetime, an extended product guarantee, are easy to repair and easy to remove. When they finally reach end of life. they our floors be disposed as treated wood in waste deposit facilities. The wood in laminate floors is renewable and is holding back CO2 greenhouse gas for the entire lifetime of the floor.

Perfection is in the details. That's why, next to our floors, we also offer plenty of accessories - including underlays, skirting boards, profiles and much more - to finish your floor to perfection.
QSUDLCOMB20 Laminate Accessories Quick-Step Quiet-Step 20 M2 QSC-LAY20
Quick-Step Quiet-Step 20 M2
Quick-Step Quiet-Step 20 M2 QSC-LAY20
C-LAY20 Laminate Accessories Quick-Step Combi-Lay 20 M2 C-LAY20
Quick-Step Combi-Lay 20 M2
Quick-Step Combi-Lay C-LAY20
QSUDLCOMB50 Laminate Accessories Quick-Step Quiet-Step 50 M2 QSC-LAY50
Quick-Step Quiet-Step 50 M2
Quick-Step Quiet-Step 50 M2 QSC-LAY50
C-LAY50 Laminate Accessories Quick-Step Combi-Lay 50 M2 C-LAY50
Quick-Step Combi-Lay 50 M2
Quick-Step Combi-Lay C-LAY50
QSHSK80PAINT Laminate Accessories Paintable waterproof skirting - large QSHSK80PAINT
Paintable waterproof skirting - large
Paintable waterproof skirting - large QSHSK80PAINT
QSFLEXSKR Laminate Accessories Flexible Paintable Skirting QSFLEXSKR
Flexible Paintable Skirting
Flexible Paintable Skirting QSFLEXSKR
QSHSCOTPAINT Laminate Accessories Paintable waterproof scotia QSHSCOTPAINT
Paintable waterproof scotia
Paintable waterproof scotia QSHSCOTPAINT
QSSCOTPAINT Laminate Accessories Paintable scotia QSSCOTPAINT
Paintable scotia
Paintable scotia QSSCOTPAINT
QSSCOT Laminate Accessories Saw cut oak grey QSSCOT01858
Saw cut oak grey
Scotia QSSCOT01858
NEINCPBASE Laminate Accessories Quick-Step Incizo Stair Base for 12mm Laminate floors - 2.15m long NEINCPBASE7
Quick-Step Incizo Stair Base for 12mm Laminate floors - 2.15m long
Incizo Aluminium Subprofile For Stairs NEINCPBASE7
QSINCP Laminate Accessories Saw cut oak grey QSINCP01858
Saw cut oak grey
Incizo Profile QSINCP01858
QSSPRAYMOP Laminate Accessories Cleaning Mop QSSPRAYMOP
Cleaning Mop
QSCLEANING1000 Laminate Accessories Maintenance Product 1 L QSCLEANING1000
Maintenance Product 1 L
Maintenance Product 1 L QSCLEANING1000
QSSPRAYKIT Laminate Accessories Cleaning Kit QSSPRAYKIT
Cleaning Kit
QSTOOLA Laminate Accessories Laminate And Parquet Installation Set QSTOOLA
Laminate And Parquet Installation Set
Laminate and Parquet Installation Set QSTOOLA
QSREPAIR Laminate Accessories Repair Kit QSREPAIR
Repair Kit
NEHSTRIPSK15 Laminate Accessories Hydrostrip Standard skirting NEHSTRIPSK15
Hydrostrip Standard skirting
Hydrostrip Standard skirting NEHSTRIPSK15
QSKIT Laminate Accessories Coloured kit QSKIT16
Coloured kit
Coloured kit QSKIT16
QSKITTRANSP Laminate Accessories Hydrokit QSKITTRANSP
NEHSTRIPSCOTPSK15 Laminate Accessories Hydrostrip Scotia / Parquet skirting NEHSTRIPSCOTPSK15
Hydrostrip Scotia / Parquet skirting
Hydrostrip Scotia / Parquet skirting NEHSTRIPSCOTPSK15
NEFOAMSTRIP20 Laminate Accessories Expansion Joint Foam Strip NEFOAMSTRIP20
Expansion Joint Foam Strip
Expansion Joint Foam Strip 20 x 1m (diameter 10 mm) NEFOAMSTRIP20