Maple Laminate flooring: creamy white, natural charm

The typical, creamy white patterns of maple wood will lighten up any room or interior with a fresh and natural feel.

Quick-Step Maple laminate flooring

Maple trees

When you stop and think about it, maple wood is everywhere. Although most maple species are native to Asia, the trees can be found around the entire northern hemisphere. The Canadian flag has a maple leaf on it, lots of people love maple syrup, and maple wood is often used to make musical instruments.

From bowling alleys to living rooms

Because of its strength and hardness, maple wood is often used as the surface for bowling alleys. But there’s more to maple than just its practicality. Maple wood is also very popular among interior decorators. The characteristic light, creamy palette does well in all kinds of interior styles.

Maple laminate

As with all wood floors, solid maple planks can be an expensive choice. Also, laying a traditional solid hardwood flooring can be very time consuming. Luckily there’s an alternative which gives you the charm and style of classic maple floors, at an affordable price.

The maple designs in Quick-Step’s Classic and Creo laminate flooring lines have it all: the ease of installation and practicality of a laminate floor, with the creamy white look of actual maple wood. As with other lighter tints, maple can really open up a room. The laminate planks create an airy atmosphere and allow other interior elements, like walls and furniture to take centre stage.