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Four solid reasons to choose a floating floor

Why would you choose for a floating floor?

Floating floors in a nutshell? Installing a floating floor doesn’t require any nails or glue to attach the planks to the underfloor. Here’s why you’ll love it.

1 – Easy installation

Are you a genuine DIYer? Then floating floors — laminate, timber or hybrid vinyl — are just the thing for you. While traditional hardwood flooring, for instance, is tricky to nail down, you can install floating floorboards in no time, simply by securing them to each other. Moreover, the messy business of gluing vinyl and laminate flooring is now a thing of the past.

2 – Instantly ready-for-use

Once you’ve installed a floating floor, you don’t have to wait for hours before walking on it. Why wait till tomorrow if you can enjoy your new floor today?

3 – Renovating made easy

Bought a house that still needs a lot of work? Floating floors are the perfect renovation material: you can easily install them on top of an existing floor (depending on its quality and thickness). In addition to saving you a lot of time and effort, floating floors will also allow you to cut your renovation budget.

4 – Change of scenery? No problem!

If you have plans to move to another house, why not take your floor with you? Floating floorboards can easily be removed and reinstalled later on. And consequently, replacing a damaged floorboard becomes an easy and inexpensive task.

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