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Quick-step vinyl in the kitchen


A side-by-side comparison

We’re here to help you compare the benefits of vinyl and laminate

Having trouble choosing between strong and natural-looking laminate or warm and waterproof vinyl flooring? We help you bite the bullet by comparing the two in detail.





HDF with printed design layer

Synthetic PVC


True to nature designs & structures

Natural look


With the right underlay

Soft and silent thanks to multiple sound-absorbing layers

Underfloor heating

Compatible, conducts heat fairly efficiently

Compatible, conducts heat very efficiently


Water-resistant surface, can be used in
kitchens and bathrooms

Water-resistant surface, can be used in
kitchens and bathrooms


Exceptionally scratch & stain resistant

Good scratch & stain resistance


Quick & easy installation

Quick & easy installation


Easy, standard cleaning

Easy, standard cleaning

Budget & Warranty

Economically priced, up to 25 years warranty

Economically priced, up to 25 years warranty

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Built to last: laminate and vinyl

Extremely durable in different ways

Looking for a strong floor that will last you a lifetime? Laminate and vinyl flooring are structurally different, but both offer extreme durability.

Laminate consists of multiple layers and an HDF core, which is made of compressed fibres of recovered wood. Vinyl flooring is also multilayered, but uses PVC and fibreglass components. These are 100% free of harmful phthalates.

Refined in every detail

If you want a floor that combines a natural look with easy maintenance, you can’t go wrong with laminate or vinyl. Both laminate and vinyl floors offer unmatched levels of realism.

Take the Impressive collection for example: subtle surface textures with fine grain structures deliver a natural wood effect. You’ll hardly be able to tell them apart!

Quick-step durable laminate in detail

Effortless beauty, every day

Warm and silent

And it’s not just looks, either. If you’re someone who likes to walk around the house barefoot, both vinyl floors and laminate will keep your feet warm and comfortable. They can even be used with underfloor heating – for that, vinyl floors are a bit more efficient than laminate, though.

Laminate and vinyl floors are quiet too: no echoing footsteps when running through the place looking for your keys to head out the door. So if you live in an apartment, your neighbours will love your choice too!

Well-versed with water

Maybe you’re worried about using vinyl or laminate in areas that tend to get wet, like the bathroom or the kitchen? Don’t be: vinyl floors are 100% waterproof – perfect for even the splashiest bathroom – and our laminate floors come in several water-resistant ranges that are able to cope with kitchen mishaps.

Don't worry about scratches!

All our vinyl and laminate floors are well-protected from scratches and stains, thanks to smart technologies like the patented Scratch Guard top layer. Playful pups, kids conducting science experiments or recipes gone wrong, your floor can handle it all. While the difference is only marginal, our laminate floors have a slight edge on our vinyl floors when it comes to scratches and scuffs.

Quick-step vinyl in the bathroom

it just clicks

Both types of floors are extremely easy to install, thanks to our innovative Uniclic (Multifit) click system. In fact, both Quick-Step laminate and vinyl floors are so easy to install, you can do it yourself! Of course, if you prefer the help of a professional, we’re happy to help you find the nearest certified Quick-Step expert.

Vinyl floors are particularly great for renovations, as they are very thin and can be installed on top of an existing floor. If you’re using Alpha Vinyl, the subfloor can even be irregular! This saves you the hassle – as well as the time, cost and mess – of having to remove the initial floor.

Maintenance of vinyl and laminate:
a clean sweep

Regular vacuuming and mopping with a damp cloth along with cleaning products from the Quick-Step cleaning kit will suffice, as both laminate and vinyl floors are easy to clean.

Easy to clean laminate floor

A floor for life
and for your budget

Let’s talk cost: laminate and vinyl are both economically priced. In the lowest price ranges, laminate offers more choice. What’s more, both Quick-Step laminate and vinyl come with a 25-year warranty, so you’ll never have to worry!

Quick-step laminate in home office
Quick-step vinyl in home office

Laminate or vinyl
help me choose

Still not sure which flooring type is best suited for your project? Check out our FloorExplorer. After you answer 4 easy questions, our tool will guide you towards your ideal flooring type and select your ideal floors within our range.

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