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Quick-Step vinyl Incizo  Expansion Profile


Vinyl flooring profiles: bridging heights and flooring types

Our clever vinyl profiles can do a lot of things: from levelling height differences and enabling long stretches of flooring, to smoothly combining your Alpha Vinyl or Vinyl Flex floor with any other type of flooring. And, like all things Quick-Step, they’re super easy to install.

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    Incizo Profile

    • QSVINCP(-)
    • This single profile offers multiple solutions to finish off your floor, such as transition between floors or a finish at a wall or window. Simply cut the Incizo profile to the desired shape with the supplied Incizo knife. The profile matches the colour of your floor perfectly. A package contains one Incizo profile, one Incizo knife and one plastic rail. For a watertight finish in damp rooms, we suggest you combine it with the Foamstrip and Hydrokit. With the Incizo profile you can: 1. connect two floors of different heights 2. connect two floors of the same height 3. finish your floor along walls or windows 4. create a nice transition between your laminate floor and other flooring types 5. finish your stairs and steps
    • 2000 x 45 x 8 mm

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