Pulse Hybrid vinyl floors: a commitment to quality

The proven quality of our hybrid vinyl floors is the result of decades of research and flooring expertise. We combine water-repellent technology with our revolutionary Stain and Scratch Guard surface solutions to offer ultimate protection. In doing so, we ensure that your hybrid vinyl floor can handle the hustle and bustle of daily life – day in and day out, for years to come.

How we guarantee long-term enjoyment

Quality vinyl flooring by Quick-Step

Completely waterproof

Water-repellent technology prevents water from damaging your floor. Even the tongue and groove are 100% watertight, which keeps water from getting under the floor. This makes your Hybrid Vinyl floor not only easy to clean, but also a suitable solution for every room in the house, from your living room to your bathroom or kitchen.

Quality vinyl flooring by Quick-Step

Exceptionally scratch resistant

Our Pulse Hybrid vinyl planks also feature Scratch Guard: this innovative technology protects your floor against scratches better than any similar vinyl product on the market today.

Quality vinyl flooring by Quick-Step

Incredibly stain resistant

Our revolutionary Stain Guard technology will keep your hybrid vinyl floor spotless and your mind worry free. The best stain resistant technology of its kind, it gives dirt and even scuff marks no chance.

Pulse Hybrid vinyl: high-performance vinyl floors

Pulse Hybrid is the strongest floor you’ll ever walk on. In many cases, no surface preparation is needed, making it perfect for renovations. Smart water-repellent technology makes Pulse Hybrid vinyl the ideal flooring option for every room.

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Strong Hybrid vinyl floors