How to perfectly finish your laminate floor

Just like you, we don't like half measures. That’s why we also offer a collection of matching Scotia skirtings and finishing profiles to complete the look of your new Quick-Step laminate flooring.


Why Quick-Step Scotia skirtings & profiles?

  • MATCHING COLOURS: there's always a Scotia skirting or finishing profile that perfectly matches the colour of your floor.
  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT: While most skirting boards on the market are finished with paper or foil, Quick-Step only uses real laminate. This makes the boards much more scratch-resistant and protects them against everyday wear and tear.

  • FULL WARRANTY: Quick-Step Scotia skirting boards come with the same solid warranty as Quick-Step floors. That means: years and years without any worries!

Although a matching skirting or profile can do wonders, everything starts with a perfect installation. Want to keep your floor spic and span? Make sure you check out our cleaning tips as well!

Videos about finishing

How to use the Incizo 5 in 1 finishing profile

How to install laminate on your stairs

Scotia skirtings to match your style

Just like the Quick-Step range of flooring, all Scotia skirtings have been quality tested, so you can benefit from the full Quick-Step guarantee for years and years without worries.

QSSCOT Laminate Accessories Scotia (matching colour) QSSCOT00996
Scotia (matching colour)
QSSCOT Laminate Accessories Scotia (matching colour) QSSCOT00996
Scotia (matching colour)
A discreet finish to your floor. Can also be used as a finish in combination with existing skirting boards.

Profiles for that perfect finish

With the easy-to-use Quick-Step Incizo profiles, you can give your laminate floor and staircase a perfect finish. No matter what Quick-Step floor you like best, there’s always a perfectly matching colour available. One and the same profile to fit all situations: simply cut the basic Incizo profile to the required shape with the supplied slitter. And did we mention that they are extremely scratch-resistant as well?