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Bathe in luxury with the perfect bathroom flooring

Your bathroom is the place where you unwind and relax — and also where your children splash and giggle in the bath. It’s where you soothe sore muscles in the shower after a heavy workout and check your clothes in the mirror before you walk out the door. It may well be the room where comfort matters most.

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Comfortable & bathroom-proof

Optimal comfort can be found in a floor that exudes warmth and luxury. The pleasant ambience that wood flooring evokes may seem impossible in your bathroom, but fear not: thanks to recent flooring innovations, your dream of flooring that’s both 100% bathroom-proof and comfortable at the same time has become a reality.

Why you’ll love Quick-Step in your bathroom

Guaranteed waterproof

Obviously, the number-one quality required from a bathroom floor is to be completely waterproof. Hybrid vinyl flooring lets you enjoy bathing without worrying about your floor. The warm feel of laminate in your bathroom is also an option: thanks to the water-repellent HydroSeal protective technology, Quick-Step Eligna, ClassicImpressive (Ultra) and Majestic laminate flooring easily sail through even the greatest of splashes.

Flooring for every taste

The stylish feel of a warm oak or the fresh look of whitewashed timber: whatever your preference, there’s a beautiful floor to match your taste. And for the perfect finishing touch, you can either pick matching skirting boards to complement your favourite floor’s decor.

Quick-Step Scratch-Guard - Up to 10 times more scratch resistant

Resilient to stains and scratches

Your bathroom is the place where you wash away the sand and grime after a day at the beach or an intense mountain biking adventure. That means the floor has to handle frequent and regular cleaning. What’s more, you don’t want the sand and grime to leave scratches or stains on the floor. Thanks to the Scratch Guard and Stain Guard protective technology on Balance Click vinyl floors, you can rest assured: laminate and vinyl flooring can withstand anything, and you’ll have them clean in the blink of an eye.

Quick-Step Impressive Ultra laminate flooring

Years of carefree quality

Wear-proof bathroom flooring is a choice you’ll enjoy for years to come, thanks to a 20-year warranty on all Livyn vinyl flooring. And if you opt for the Eligna, Impressive (Ultra) and Majestic range, you’re sure to enjoy 25 carefree years.

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Laminate, timber or vinyl: which should you pick?

Like kitchens, bathrooms are used multiple times per day and are often exposed to (a lot of) moisture. This heavily used room calls for flooring that holds up under many types of stress. However, while they are both durable, stone and ceramic may be too cold for bare feet, and other alternatives might not be capable of handling splashes, heavy cleaning and moisture.

Best choice


  • Great for heavy use: resistant to moisture, dirt and scratches
  • Long-lasting: comes with a 20- or 25-year warranty
  • Time-saving: easy to clean and maintain
  • Comfortable and cosy: softer and warmer than other durable alternatives

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