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Quick-Step Vinyl Tile floors

What's the perfect floor for your basement?

Flooring for the basement

The basement is a specific and demanding environment for floors. Because they are prone to dampness, it’s important to select a floor that is water-resistant. So, what are the best basement floor options? Find out here.

Tackling moisture and mould

As basements are generally below ground, keeping them dry isn’t always easy. Ground water, heavy rainfall: all of these can have a direct impact on the moisture level. Select a flooring type that is water-resistant, and always use a moisture barrier to prevent ground water from entering your home. 

Quick-Step’s water-resistant laminate and hybrid vinyl floors will keep mould and bacteria out of your basement – provided you follow the installation guidelines carefully and use the proper underlay and a moisture barrier. The result? A functional and nicely finished basement.

Quick-Step Vinyl Tile floors
Quick-Step Vinyl Tile floors

Turning your basement into additional living space

Looking to use your basement for more than just storage space? With Quick-Step water-resistant laminate or hybrid vinyl, all options are open: an underground gym, home cinema, man cave, home office, decked-out laundry room… whatever you want!

To turn your basement into an extra living area, hybrid vinyl and modern, water-resistant laminate floors are perfect: easy to install, comfortable and warm, good looking … these floors truly have it all. Including a long-term warranty: all Quick-Step laminate and hybrid vinyl floors come with at least 20 years’ guarantee.


Why Quick-Step water-resistant laminate or hybrid vinyl is the perfect choice for your basement flooring

  • a water-resistant alternative to hardwood
  • softer and warmer than ceramics
  • excellent acoustic properties
  • a wide range of design possibilities
  • easy to install
  • long-term warranty


Discover all Quick-Step floors for the basement


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