Three tips to help you choose the right floor colour

Interior decorators and architects study long and hard to master the art of colour matching. So, don’t feel inadequate if, when choosing the perfect floor colour to complement your interior, you are baffled by the endless possibilities. However, Quick-Step is happy to offer you a few basic tips.

Three tips to help you choose the right floor colour

Tip 1: Consider the room size

The colour of your floor has a major impact on the feeling of space you get in a room. Warm or dark tones, like wenge, walnut or oak, tend to make large rooms seem smaller and cosier. Conversely, if you are cramped for space already, consider lighter, natural floor colours like beiges, light oak or maple to really open up a room.

Tip 2: See the light

Throughout the day, the lighting in your room changes. Judging a sample colour at night, by artificial light, will give you a different impression than during mid-afternoon in the sunlight. Of course, light colours will give a dark room a sunnier feel. In bright spaces, with floor-to-ceiling windows, a dark or even black floor colour can add a dramatic edge.

Tip 3: Mind the bigger picture

Don’t choose your floor colour based on an empty room. Make sure it also matches the broader style and feel you want to give your interior. Natural colours create a neutral canvas, allowing your furniture to take centre stage. Red tones bring a sense of luxury and go well with heavy, colonial furnishings. In general, brown tints are the best match for a country-style interior.
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